Kids: Books About Sports

Allen, Alex B. Fifth Down. The know-it-all new boy at school is a source of irritation to two friends, captains of opposing touch football teams, until a big games comes up. (JFIC)

Avi. S.O.R. Losers. Each member of the South Orange River seventh-grade soccer team has qualities of excellence, but not on the soccer field. (JFIC)

Bach, Alice. The Meat In The Sandwich. Ten-year-old Mike feels his dream of becoming a star athlete threatened by his older and younger sister. Then he is befriended by a competitive all-around athlete who changes his life. (JFIC)

Bledsoe, Lucy Jane. The Big Bike Race. Ernest Peterson's hopes of winning the Washington, D.C., Citywide Cup bicycle race are shattered when his grandmother gives him a huge, clunky, yellow bike for his tenth birthday. (JFIC)

Christopher, Matt. Fighting Tackle. When he becomes stronger but slower, Terry must deal with being moved from defensive safety to offensive tackle on his football team and with the fact that his younger brother, who was born with Down's Syndrome, is becoming a faster runner. (JFIC)

Christopher, Matt. Jinx Glove. Chip's poor fielding using the new glove he buys with his own money soon makes him regret having thrown his father's old mitt away. (JFIC)

Christopher, Matt. Johnny Long Legs. Even though he is the tallest member of the basketball team, a young boy finds he is far from being the best player. (JFIC)

Corbett, Scott. The Hockey Trick. When three brothers, all extraordinary baseball players, move into the neighborhood, two rival teams play a game of hockey to determine which team will get them. (JFIC)

Corbett, Scott. The Home Run Trick. The Panthers try desperately to convincingly lose a baseball game when they find out the winners must play a girls' team. (JFIC)

Heymsfeld, Carla. Coaching Ms. Parker. Mike and his friends try to help their fourth-grade teacher learn how to play baseball before the annual teacher-student game. (JFIC)

Hoff, Syd. Baseball Mouse. Bernard was a field mouse--an infield mouse--who more than anything else wanted to help the losing team win the pennant. (EASY)

Hurwitz, Johanna. Baseball Fever.Ten-year-old Ezra tries to convince his scholarly father that his baseball fever is not wasting his mind. (JFIC)

Isadora, Rachel. Max. Max finds a new way to warm up for his Saturday baseball game--his sister's dancing class. (EASY)

Katz, Bobbi. Snow Bunny Recently moved to Vermont. Debbie learns to ski and adapt to her new home. (PRIMARY)

Kessler, Leonard P. Kick, Pass, And Run. After observing a boy's football game, a group of animals organizes its own teams and game. (PRIMARY)

Kessler, Leonard P. Last One In Is A Rotten Egg. After Freddy is pushed into deep water by a couple of toughs, he decides to learn to swim. (PRIMARY)

Knudson, R. Rozanne. Rinehart Lifts. Disappointed that her best friend is the worst athlete in the fifth grade, Zan Hagen interests Arthur Rinehart in lifting weights. (JFIC)

Lewis, Marjorie. Wrongway Applebaum. Always a little slow and awkward, Applebaum dreams of being on the fifth-grade baseball team and impressing everyone with his spectacular playing. (JFIC)

Napoli, Donna Jo. Soccer Shock. When ten-year-old Adam discovers that his freckles can see and talk, he plans to use this secret to get onto the school soccer team. (JFIC)

Rubin, Jeff. Baseball Brothers. Two young baseball fans can't get tickets to Henry Aaron's last game of the year, but instead they unexpectedly meet the famous athlete in person. (EASY)

Schulman, Janet. Jenny And The Tennis Nut. A little girl, not ready for tennis, is good at her own game, gymnastics. (PRIMARY)

Smith, Robert Kimmel. Bobby Baseball. Ten-year-old Bobby is passionate about baseball and convinced that he is a great player. The only problem is to get a chance to prove his skill, especially to his father. (JFIC)

Spinelli, Jerry. Crash.Seventh-grader John "Crash" Coogan has always been comfortable with his tough, aggressive behavior, until his relationship with an unusual Quaker boy and his grandfather's stroke make him consider the meaning of friendship and the importance of family. (JFIC)

Spinelli, Jerry. There's A Girl In My Hammerlock. Thirteen-year-old Maisie joins her school's formerly all-male wrestling team and tries to last through the season, despite opposition from other students, her best friend, and her own teammates. (JFIC)

Streatfeild, Noel. Skating Shoes. A nine-year-old girl goes ice-skating to strengthen her legs, befriends the orphaned daughter of a great figure skating star, and finds encouragement to become a champion. (JFIC)

Sullivan, Silky. Roller Skates. Melinda wants to wear her roller skates to school so that, if she doesn't like her new teacher, she can skate away. (EASY)

Walter, Mildred Pitts. Mariah Keeps Cool.Twelve-year-old Mariah envisions a great summer competing as a diver and planning a surprise party for her sister Lynn but half-sister Denise proves a cloud in Mariah's sunny summer. (JFIC)

Yolen, Jane. Mice On Ice. The famous inventor of an ice-making formula must rescue a skating star of the Mice Capades from Kidnappers. (PRIMARY)