Kids: Mysteries

Adler, David A. Young Cam Jansen And The Missing Cookie. Fifth-grade sleuth Cam Jansen uses her photographic memory to discover what happened to a classmate's missing cookie. (PRIMARY)

Alexander, Sue. World Famous Muriel. Asked to tightrope walk for the queen's birthday party, Muriel arrives to discover that all the decorative paper lanterns have disappeared and that her detecting skills are needed too. (PRIMARY)

Bailey, Linda. How Can I Be A Detective If I Have To Baby-Sit? While staying with her father at a tree-planting camp in the Canadian wilderness, twelve-year-old Stevie discovers that she can combine babysitting with detective work. (JFIC)

Bellairs, John. The House With A Clock In Its Walls. A boy goes to live with his magician uncle in a mansion that has a clock hidden in the walls which is ticking off the minutes until doomsday. (JFIC)

Benchley, Nathaniel. The Strange Disappearance Of Arthur Cluck. When Mama Cluck loses Arthur, her baby chick, the owl detective finds him boxed for shipment to the children's zoo. (EASY)

Byars, Betsy Cromer. Wanted-- Mud Blossom. Convinced that Mud is responsible for the disappearance of the school hamster that was his responsibility for the weekend, Junior Blossom is determined that the dog should be tried for his "crime." (JFIC)

Conford, Ellen. A Case For Jenny Archer. After reading three mysteries in a row, Jenny becomes convinced that the neighbors across the street are up to no good and decides to investigate. (JFIC)

DeFelice, Cynthia C. The Light On Hogback Hill. When she investigates the mysterious light up on Hogback Hill, eleven-year-old Hadley finds and befriends a hunchbacked old woman with a tragic past. (JFIC)

Du Bois, William Pene. The Alligator Case. When a circus and three visitors come to town, the detective, known to most people as a young boy who is an incessant day dreamer, meets his first challenge. (JFIC)

Hamilton, Virginia. The House Of Dies Drear. A black family of five moves into an enormous house once used as a hiding place for runaway slaves. Mysterious sounds and events as well as the discovery of secret passageways make the family believe they are in grave danger. (JFIC)

Hass, E. A. Incognito Mosquito Takes To The Air. While appearing on a TV talk show, the famous insect detective describes his adventures outwitting malefactors and solves a mystery on the air. (JFIC)

Hildick, E. W. The Case Of The Absent Author: AMcgurk Mystery. The six members of the McGurk Detective Organization, young amateur detectives, are called on to help solve a case involving the disappearance of a reclusive mystery writer. (JFIC)

Howe, Deborah. Bunnicula : A Rabbit Tale Of Mystery. Though scoffed at by Harold the dog, Chester the cat tries to warn his human family that their foundling baby bunny must be a vampire. (JFIC)

Markham, Marion M. The Birthday Party Mystery. Attending Debbie's birthday party at the zoo, twin sleuths Kate and Mickey investigate the mysterious disappearance of her presents. (JFIC)

Martin, Ann M. Claudia And The Middle School Mystery. Claudia is surprised when her math teacher accuses her of cheating on a test and enlists the rest of the Baby-sitters Club to help her clear her name. (JFIC)

Miller, Dorothy Reynolds. The Clearing: A Mystery. While spending the summer with her cousins in rural Pennsylvania, eleven-year-old Amanda becomes involved with a long-ago tragedy that has impacted the lives of many local residents. (JFIC)

Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman. The Sly Spy. E.J. the spy tries to uncover a secret that Olivia is keeping for a client. (EASY)

Snyder, Zilpha Keatley. Janie's Private Eyes. Intent on investigating a rash of dog disappearances, eight-year-old Janie forms a detective agency and involves her friends and unwilling family in tracing clues and suspects. (JFIC)

Warner, Gertrude Chandler. Bus Station Mystery. The Alden children, isolated in a storm at a small bus station, are led into a mystery centering on a polluted river. (JFIC)

Yolen, Jane. Piggins And The Royal Wedding. Piggins, the butler at the Reynard household, solves the mystery of the missing royal wedding band. (EASY)