Research: Historic High Point Photographs

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Oakdale Mill Dam and buildings side view 9-2-33.jpg
Unknown factory 6.jpg
The Lily Company.jpg
McEwen Lumber Co. Sign.jpg
Unknown factory 3.jpg
Adams-Millis Factory.jpg
Thomas Mill Inc.--Hosiery.jpg
Oakdale Mill Pond 9-2-33.jpg
McEwen Lumber Co. buildings.jpg
Unknown factory 4.jpg
Unknown factory near railroad.jpg
Oakdale Mill Dam and Smoke Stack 9-2-33.jpg
Oakdale Mill site 9-2-33.jpg
Oakdale Mill Dam and building 9-2-33.jpg
Akers Motor Lines Inc. 3.jpg
Unknown factory 2.jpg
Akers Motor Lines Inc. 1.jpg
Oakdale Mill Dam side shot 9-2-33.jpg
Piedmont Mills Company.jpg
Akers Motor Lines Inc. 2.jpg
High Point Hosiery Mills.jpg
Snow Lumber Company and yard.jpg
Oakdale Dam side view 9-2-33.jpg
Unknown factory 5.jpg
Oakdale Mill Dam 9-2-33.jpg
Tomlinson Chair Company.jpg