Kids: Books About Ghosts

Adler, David A. Jeffrey's Ghost And The Leftover Baseball Team. A baseball team of children no one else wants on a team turns into a team of winners with the help of a friendly boy ghost. (JFIC)

Brittain, Bill. Who Knew There'd Be Ghosts? Three spunky youngsters join forces with two lively ghosts to save a historic mansion from being destroyed by a crooked antique dealer. (JFIC)

Conrad, Pam . Stonewords : A Ghost Story. Zoe discovers that her house is occupied by the ghost of an eleven-year-old girl, who carries her back to the day of her death in 1870 to try to alter that tragic event. (JFIC)

Corbett, Scott . The Discontented Ghost. The resident ghost of an English manor house vows to rid the property of its new American owner. A retelling of Oscar Wilde's story "The Canterville Ghost" from the ghost's point of view. (JFIC)

Dadey, Debbie. Ghosts Don't Eat Potato Chips. "It started out to be a simple visit to a sick old aunt, but strange things were happening at the rundown house. Could it be haunted?" (JFIC)

Deem, James M. How To Find A Ghost. Discusses the characteristics of ghosts with descriptions of sightings and instructions for becoming a ghost detective. (J133.1)

Deem, James M. The Very Real Ghost Book Of Christina Rose. After their mother dies in a plane crash, ten-year-old Christina and her twin brother move with their father to a seemingly haunted house in a strange neighborhood. (JFIC)

Dinardo, Jeffrey. Timothy And The Night Noises . Timothy finds a way to deal with the ghosts, monsters, and other scary things that make noises in the night and make him afraid of bedtime. (EASY)

Fleischman, Sid. The Bloodhound Gang In The Case Of The Cackling Ghost . Seemingly cursed by the Darjeeling Necklace as were its previous owners, elderly Mrs. Fairbanks hires the Bloodhound Gang to sort out the nightmare. (JFIC)

Goode, Diane. Diane Goode's Book Of Scary Stories & Songs . A collection of traditional tales, with some poems and songs, most on a ghostly theme. (JFIC)

Hearne, Betsy Gould. Eli's Ghost. Eli searches for the mother he'd long assumed dead in a huge swamp where he is sustained by the ghosts of friends from earlier days and where a brush with death causes his own ghost to leave his body and get into all the mischief Eli never has. (JFIC)

Hiser, Constance. Ghosts In Fourth Grade. James and his friends turn the old Hathaway house into a haunted house to scare Mean Mitchell, the class bully, on Halloween night. (JFIC)

Lasky, Kathryn. Double Trouble Squared . In London with their family, telepathic twelve-year-old twins Liberty and July receive strange emanations from an early residence of Arthur Conan Doyle and discover a literary ghost. (JFIC)

Lehr, Norma. The Shimmering Ghost Of Riversend. Eleven-year-old Kathy, spending the summer with her aunt in her old family mansion, is visited by the ghost of a beautiful woman who died in the nineteenth century. (JFIC)

Martin, Bill . The Ghost-Eye Tree. Walking down a dark lonely road on an errand one night, a brother and sister argue over who is afraid of the dread Ghost-Eye tree. (EASY)

McBratney, Sam. The Ghosts Of Hungryhouse Lane . The three mischievous Sweet children discover that their new house is home to three eccentric ghosts who want only to be left alone. (JFIC)

McGovern, Ann. Squeals & Squiggles & Ghostly Giggles . Spooky poems, limericks, games, stories, and tricks for Halloween or year-round scares. (J793.8)

McKay, Hilary. The Amber Cat . While recovering from chicken pox, Robin and his friends are drawn into his mother's story about the adventures she and her friends had years ago with an unusual girl who mysteriously appeared on the nearby beach. (JFIC)

Peck, Richard. The Ghost Belonged To Me : A Novel . In 1913 in the Midwest a quartet of characters share adventures from exploding steamboats to "exorcizing" a ghost. (JFIC)

Shecter, Ben. The Whistling Whirligig. While spending Christmas vacation with his history teacher, a lonely boy makes friends withthe ghost of a runaway slave. (JFIC)

Schertle, Alice. Cathy And Company & The Green Ghost. Three club members investigate a ghost who is mysteriously leaving them notes. (EASY)

Schwartz, Alvin. In A Dark, Dark Room, And Other Scary Stories. Seven scary stories to tell at night in front of a fire or in the dark, based on traditional stories and folktales from various countries. (PRIMARY)

Stamper, Judith Bauer. Five Goofy Ghosts. Never talk to a ghost -- A scary tale -- The trunk full of treats -- The hairy toe -- The last laugh. (PRIMARY)

Thayer, Jane. Gus Was A Friendly Ghost. A ghost and a mouse have a summer house all to themselves while the folks are away for the winter. (EASY)