Your Questions Answered:

I thought the taxes I pay that go to the library were enough!
Nearly 95% of the Libraryís annual budget comes from your
taxes. This money provides the essentials, including a trained
staff, appealing collections, engaging programs and a safe and
attractive building. In other words, these funds meet the basic
needs of library users but do not allow us to address new
demands and higher expectations.

Iíve heard that before long everyone will have a computer with
high speed Internet access at home, and libraries may even
become obsolete.
More than 1,000 people visit the library every day, and thousands
use our computers every month. Currently, less than half of High
Point households have a computer, and even fewer have highspeed
Internet. The public library bridges the digital divide for
those who need access to the web but donít have a computer
of their own. The Foundation will be key in helping us continue our
mission through both new technology and traditional methods.

There isnít really a need for the library to expand its role in the
communityóis there?

A strong, vibrant and vital public library with outstanding
collections, cutting edge technology and creative programs
for people of all ages makes High Point a much better place
for us to live, work and raise a family. The Foundation will
play an essential role in enabling the library to achieve its
own mission and further that of the Cityís.