Kids: Grade 2 Reading List

Ahlberg, Janet. FUNNYBONES. (EA) Three skeletons decide to take a walk through a dark, dark town to frighten somebody.

Allard, Harry. MISS NELSON HAS A FIELD DAY. (EA) The popular teacher, Miss Nelson, from MISS NELSON IS MISSING, takes over coaching the losing Smedley Tornadoes.

Allard, Harry. THE STUPIDS HAVE A BALL. (EA) The slapstick Stupid family celebrates their children's bad report cards.

Anno, Mitsumasa. UPSIDE-DOWNERS. (EA) A picture puzzle book about an ancient quarrel over who is rightside-up and upside down.

Asch, Frank. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOON. (EA) A warm story about a bear who loves the moon and finds the perfect present to give it.

Benchley, Nathaniel. GEORGE THE DRUMMER BOY. (EB) (Primary Reader) The story of a young British boy stationed in Boston at the beginning of the American Revolution.

Berger, Melvin. WHY I COUGH, SNEEZE, SHIVER, HICCUP AND YAWN. (J612.74B) A simple explanation of the nervous system and the involuntary movements.

Blume, Judy. THE ONE IN THE MIDDLE IS THE GREEN KANGAROO. (EB) Freddie, the middle child in a family with three children, gets an ego boost when he is successful performing in the school play.

Bonsall, Crosby. THE CASE OF THE CAT'S MEOW. (EB) (Primary Reader) Four boys, Wizard, Tubby, Skinny, and Snitch act as "private eyes" to solve mysteries.

Brandenberg, Aliki . DIGGING UP DINOSAURS. (J568B) Briefly introduces various types of dinosaurs whose skeletons and reconstructions are seen in museums and explains how scientists uncover, preserve, and study fossilized dinosaur bones.

Branley, Frank. THE SKY IS FULL OF STARS. (EB) A simple introduction to stargazing that explains how star positions change with the seasons and the common constellations.

Brett, Jan . ANNIE AND THE WILD ANIMALS. (EB) Annie tries to find another pet by enticing wild animals with corn cakes.

Broekel, Ray. SNAKES. (J597.96B) An overview of some of the basic physical characteristics and behaviors of snakes.

Brown, Marc . ARTHUR GOES TO CAMP. (EB) Arthur finds summer camp awful until he accidentally becomes a hero.

Bulla, Clyde. THE WHITE BIRD. (JB) When John Thomas's white crow disappears, he runs away after him and sees the world for the first time.

Bunting, Eve. GHOST'S HOUR, SPOOK'S HOUR. (EB) A suspenseful story of a young boy awakened one night by strange noises and howling winds.

Burningham, John. MR. GUMPY'S MOTOR CAR. (EB) Mr. Gumpy takes his friends for a ride in the country and the car gets stuck in the mud after a rainstorm.

Cohen, Caron. SALLY ANN THUNDER ANN WHIRLWIND CROCKETT. (EC) The action-packed adventures of Davy Crockett's wife who was so tough and fearless she could "outclaw a mountain lion and skin a bear faster than an alligator."

Cohen, Miriam. SEE YOU IN THE SECOND GRADE. (EC) A nostalgic story of a first grade class that is getting ready to graduate to second grade.

Cole, Joanna. BIG GOOF AND LITTLE GOOF. (EC) Three endearing stories about two friends who are mistakenly confused about a great many things. Sure to be popular with "Stupids" fans.

Cole, Joanna . THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS, LOST IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM. (J523C) On a special field trip in the magic school bus, Ms. Frizzle's class goes into outer space and visits each planet in the solar sytem.

De Regniers, Beatrice. IT DOES NOT SAY MEOW, AND OTHER ANIMAL RIDDLE RHYMES. (J793.7D) A guessing game of naming the animals from the clues.

Dewey, Ariane. PECOS BILL. (ED) The legend of how Pecos Bill was raised by coyotes and grew to a great height and strength to become a favorite American hero.

Ehrlich, Amy. LEO, ZACK AND EMMIE. (EE) (Primary Reader) Leo and Zack's friendship is tested when a new girl, Emmie Williams, joins their second grade class.

Fradin, Dennis. ASTRONOMY. (J523F 1987) An introduction to the stars, constellations, solar system, earth, space travel and astonomers.

Freeman, Don. CORDUROY. (EF) Corduroy, a department store teddy bear, is finally taken home by a little girl who loves him.

Galdone, Paul. WHAT'S IN FOX'S SACK? AN OLD ENGLISH TALE. (EG) A humorous story with a surprise ending about a sly fox who goes from house to house leaving his sack behind.

George, William. BOX TURTLE AT LONG POND. (EG) On a busy day at Long Pond, Box Turtle searches for food, basks in the sun, and escapes a raccoon.

Gibbons, Gail. FLYING. (J629.1309G) A brief history of flying vehicles and a description of modern aircraft including balloons, gliders, blimps, helicopters, jets, rockets, and space shuttles.

Giff, Patricia. TODAY WAS A TERRIBLE DAY. (EG) Ronald, a second grader, thinks he may never get to third grade with all the problems he has, but learns differently.

Ginsburg, Mirra. GOOD MORNING CHICK. (EG) A newly hatched chick is taught how to eat worms, seeds and crumbs by its mother, explores the barnyard, is scared by a cat and a rooster, falls into a pond and meets a frog, then returns to its mother.

Hoban, Lillian. ARTHUR'S HONEY BEAR. (EH) (Primary Reader) Arthur decides to clean out his toy chest and sell his old toys but cannot quite part with his old teddy bear.

Hoban, Russell . A BARGAIN FOR FRANCES. (EH) (Primary Reader) Frances learns she has to be careful not to be tricked when she plays with her friend Thelma.

Hoff, Syd. DANNY AND THE DINOSAUR. (EH) (Primary Reader) Danny makes friends with a huge dinosaur and shows him off around town.

Hornblow, Leonora. ANIMALS DO THE STRANGEST THINGS. (J591H) An entertaining book about the habits of such animals as the camel, lion, elephant, giraffe, gorilla, polar bear, and platypus.

Howe, James. THE DAY THE TEACHER WENT BANANAS. (EH) A ridiculous mix-up puts the new teacher at the zoo and a gorilla at the school.

Hughes, Dean. MAKING THE TEAM. (JH) Three boys on the local Little League team have to face a nasty older player who always wants to be the center of attention.

Hutchins, Pat. THE DOORBELL RANG. (EH) The doorbell rings again and again after Ma makes a batch of cookies and the children have to divide them up equally.

Isadora, Rachel. MY BALLET CLASS. (EI) The details of a young girl's ballet class are described.

Johnston, Tony. SOUP BONE. (EJ) A frightened little old lady and a frightened skeleton decide to stop scaring each other and be friends.

Jonas, Ann. ROUND TRIP. (EJ) Black and white illustrations and text record the sights on a day trip to the city and back home again to the country.

Kellogg, Steven . PINKERTON, BEHAVE. (EK) A comical story about a huge, lovable dog who gets sent to obedience school and fails but proves his worth in other ways.

Kessler, Leonard. OLD TURTLE'S SOCCER TEAM. (EK) (Primary Reader) Some children agree to play a game of soccer but don't know how to play until Old Turtle offers to coach them.

Kline, Suzy. HORRIBLE HARRY IN ROOM 2B. (JK) Doug discovers that though being Harry's best friend in Miss Mackle's second grade class isn't always easy, as Harry likes to do horrible things, it is often a lot of fun.

Krensky, Stephen. LIONEL AT LARGE. (EK) (Primary Reader) Five easy-to-read stories about a little boy who has to visit the doctor, finds out about the necessity of eating his vegetables, helps his sister find her pet snake, learns that babies can be lots of trouble and sleeps over at his friend's house.

Kroll, Steven. FRIDAY THE 13TH. (EK) Harold's sister never lets him forget how clumsy and accident prone he is but
proves her wrong and himself to be a hero on Friday the 13th.

Lauber, Patricia. GET READY FOR ROBOTS! (J629.8L) An introduction to robots describing the many tasks they can perform at home and in industry and the things they might do in the future.

Lauber, Patricia. HOW WE LEARNED THE EARTH IS ROUND. (J525L) Tells how people used to think the earth was flat, how the Greeks proved it was not and what Columbus accomplished.

Lawrence, James. BINKY BROTHERS, DETECTIVES. (EL) (Primary Reader) Dinky becomes a full partner of the Binky Brothers' Detective Agency when he solves the mystery of the missing catcher's mitt.

Levinson, Riki. WATCH THE STARS COME OUT. (EL) A young girl and her brother journey across the ocean to a new country to live.

Lionni, Leo. FREDERICK. (EL) Frederick gathers the sun's rays and lazily dreams all summer while the other mice gather food for the winter.

Lobel, Arnold. MOUSE TALES. (EL) (Primary Reader) Father mouse has seven sons and tells seven bedtime stories, one for each son.

Longfellow, Henry W. PAUL REVERE'S RIDE. (J811L) The famous narrative poem recreating Paul Revere's midnight ride in 1775 to warn the people of the Boston countryside that the British were coming.

McDermott, Gerald. ANANSI THE SPIDER: A TALE FROM THE ASHANTI. (EM) An adaptation of the folktale from Ghana about how Anansi, a spider, solves his predicament of which son to reward for saving his life.

MacDonald, Amy. RACHEL FISTER'S BLISTER. (EM) Silly rhymes tell the tale of the blister on Rachel Fister's toe and how everybody in town offers suggestions for a cure.

McKissack, Patricia. FLOSSIE AND THE FOX. (EM) A spunky little African-American girl outwits a fox who is trying to steal her eggs.

McPhail, David . THE BEAR'S TOOTHACHE. (EM) An imaginative story about a Bear's visit to a little boy in the night who helps him cure his toothache.

Marshall, Edward. THREE BY THE SEA. (EM) (Primary Reader) After a big picnic on the beach, Lolly, Sam and Spider are too full to swim so they tell each other stories that they make up.

Marshall, James. FOX ON THE JOB. (EM) (Primary Reader) A humorous story about how Fox wrecks his bike showing off and has to earn the money himself to buy a new one.

Marshall, James. GEORGE AND MARTHA. (EM) Two hippopotamuses, friends George and Martha, portray the joys of having a friend to cheer and care for you.

Martin, Bill. GHOST-EYE TREE. (EM) A brother and sister are very scared when they take a spooky walk past the ghost-eye tree one dark, windy autumn night.

Martin, Rafe. WILL'S MAMMOTH. (EM) Will takes a secret journey through a winter landscape of prehistoric people and animals on the back of a friendly woolly mammoth.

Marzollo, Jean. PIZZA PIE SLUGGER. (JM) Billy, the former champion slugger for his third-grade baseball team, is bothered by his very young stepsister's presence at games and feels she is jinxing him into a batting slump.

Mayer, Mercer. THERE'S AN ALLIGATOR UNDER MY BED. (EM) A humorous story about a little boy who tries to lure an alligator out from under his bed into the garage.

Minarik, Else. LITTLE BEAR. (EM) (Primary Reader) Four stories centering around Little Bear and his mother, including a trip to the moon and a birthday party.

Noble, Trinka. THE DAY JIMMY'S BOA ATE THE WASH. (EN) A little girl tells her mother about the class trip to visit a farm and how Jimmy's boa escaped and caused havoc.

Parish, Peggy. GOOD WORK, AMELIA BEDELIA. (EP) (Primary Reader) Amelia Bedelia's literal minded interpretations lead to comical situations in the household where she works as a maid.

Pinkwater, Manus. I WAS A SECOND GRADE WEREWOLF. (EP) Lawrence is thrilled to wake up one morning and find he has turned into a werewolf, even though nobody else notices.

Porte, Barbara. HARRY'S DOG. (EP) (Primary Reader) Aunt Rose comes up with a solution to Harry's strong desire for a dog and his father's allergies.

Provensen, Alice. THE GLORIOUS FLIGHT. (J629.13P) A biography of the man whose fascination with flying machines produced the Bleriot XI, which crossed the English Channel in thirty-seven minutes in the early 1900's.

Rey, H. A. CURIOUS GEORGE. (ER) Describes the adventures of a curious monkey who leads his owner on a mischievous chase through the city.

Rockwell, Anne. APPLES AND PUMPKINS. (ER) A little girl goes with her parents to a pick-it-yourself farm in the autumn.

Rockwell, Anne. BOATS. (ER) A simple introduction identifying the different types of boats.

Rylant, Cynthia. HENRY AND MUDGE: THE FIRST BOOK. (ER) (Primary Reader) Henry is a lonely little boy until he gets a dog named Mudge who he loves completely.

Schwartz, Alvin. ALL OF OUR NOSES ARE HERE AND OTHER NOODLE TALES. (ES) Five silly tales about a family of noodles, Mr. and Mrs. Brown and their children, Sam and Jane, and Grandpa.

Scieszka, Jon. THE TRUE STORY OF THE THREE LITTLE PIGS. (ES) The familiar story of the three pigs is told hilarously from the viewpoint of the wolf.

Seligson, Susan. AMOS: THE STORY OF AN OLD DOG AND HIS COUCH. (ES) A humorous story of an old dog who finds a magic button on the couch that enables him to drive it through town.

Selsam, Millicent. A FIRST LOOK AT SHARKS. (J597.31S) Primary information about sharks is presented along with detailed drawings.

Sendak, Maurice . WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. (ES) Max is sent to bed without his supper after he behaves like a wild thing and takes an imaginary voyage to an island where the wild things live.

Sharmat, Marjorie. NATE THE GREAT. (ES) (Primary Reader) Nate the Great, Private Investigator, sets out to solve the mystery of the missing painting.

Showers, Paul. A DROP OF BLOOD. (J612S) A simple introduction that describes the basic components of blood and how it carries oxygen and nutrients through the body.

Silverstein, Shel . THE GIVING TREE. (ES) A tree keeps loving the little boy who plays in and around her even when he gets older and has no time for her.

Simon, Seymour. THE SMALLEST DINOSAURS. (J568S) Discusses seven small dinosaurs that are thought to be the forerunners of birds.

Stevens, Janet. THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE: AN AESOP FABLE. (ES) The familiar tale of the hare who becomes overconfident in his race with the tortoise.

Stevenson, James. THERE'S NOTHING TO DO. (ES) Grandpa's exaggerated storytelling helps Mary and Louie forget about being bored.

Waber, Bernard. IRA SLEEPS OVER. (EW) Ira is afraid his best friend Reggie will laugh at him if he brings his teddy bear to their sleepover, but is comforted when he discovers that Reggie has a bedtime teddy bear, too.

Wells, Rosemary. MAX'S DRAGON SHIRT. (EW) Ruby takes Max shopping for new pants, but Max really wants a dragon shirt.

Williams, Karen. GALIMOTO. (EW) A young boy searches his African village for enough wire to make a "galimoto," a push toy in the shape of a car.

Williams, Vera. STRINGBEAN'S TRIP TO THE SHINING SEA. (EW) Post cards and photographs sent to the family back home tell of Stringbean Coe's trip with his big brother Fred.

Yolen, Jane . COMMANDER TOAD IN SPACE. (EY) (Primary Reader) Brave Commander Toad and his crew have a frightening encounter with Deep Wader as they attempt to explore an unknown planet.

Zemach, Margot. THE LITTLE RED HEN, AN OLD STORY. (EZ) Retells the story of the industrious red hen and her lazy friends.

Ziefert, Harriet. WORM DAY. (JZ) Mr. Rose's science class learns about the characteristics and habits of earthworms.

Zion, Gene. HARRY THE DIRTY DOG. (EZ) Harry, a white dog with black spots, hates baths and decides one day to run away.

Zolotow, Charlotte. MR. RABBIT AND THE LOVELY PRESENT. (EZ) A little girl asks a rabbit to help her find a birthday present for her mother.