Kids: Grade 1 Reading List

Alexander, Sue. WITCH, GOBLIN, AND SOMETIMES GHOST: SIX READ-ALONG STORIES. (EA) (Primary Reader) Goblins' two good friends, Witch and Ghost, help him when he is afraid or forgetful.

Alexander, Sue. WORLD FAMOUS MURIEL. (EA) (Primary Reader) A comic story about a young girl who can walk a tightrope and solve difficult mysteries.

Arnosky, Jim. WATCHING FOXES. (J599.744A) Four young fox pups explore and play while their mother leaves to go hunting.

Aruego, Jose. WE HIDE, YOU SEEK. (EA) A clumsy but good natured rhino plays hide and seek with his many animal friends.

Asch, Frank. BREAD AND HONEY. (EA) Ben Bear changes the drawing he made for his mother according to suggestions by his friends until it is very unusual looking, but his mother still loves it.

Barton, Byron. BONES, BONES, DINOSAUR BONES. (EB) A simple introduction to dinosaurs about a crew digging up and assembling a dinosaur skeleton.

Bayer, Jane. A, MY NAME IS ALICE. (EB) (Alphabet Book) An appealing and zany alphabet book that for each letter gives the name of an animal, its spouse, their locale and occupation.

Berenstain, Stan . THE BERENSTAIN BEARS AND THE SPOOKY OLD TREE. (EB) (Primary Reader) The three bear children find themselves up in a spooky old tree at night after losing their rope, stick and light.

Bonsall, Crosby. WHO'S AFRAID OF THE DARK? (EB) (Primary Reader) A little boy teaches his dog not to be afraid of the dark and night-time noises.

Boon, Emilie. 123 HOW MANY ANIMALS CAN YOU SEE? (EB) (Counting Book) A simple counting book about a young Rabbit's walk to school.

Brandenberg, Franz. LEO AND EMILY'S BIG IDEAS. (EB) (Primary Reader) A humorous story about two friends whose good ideas seem to always backfire.

Brenner, Barbara. WAGON WHEELS. (EB) (Primary Reader) The story of a family who set out to homestead in Kansas right after the war between the states.

Bridwell, Norman. CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG. (EB) Emily Elizabeth relates the funny experiences she has with her dog Clifford who is bigger than a two-story house.

Brown, Marc T. D. W. FLIPS. (EB) Super confident D. W. joins a gymnastics class and finds out she has a lot to learn.

Brown, Margaret W. GOODNIGHT MOON. (EB) A little rabbit says goodnight to all the familiar things in his world.

Brown, Ruth. OUR PUPPY'S VACATION. (EB) A young dog accompanies his family on their vacation and has many adventures.

Brunhoff, Laurent de. BABAR'S COUNTING BOOK. (EB) (Counting Book) Using familiar characters from Celesteville, the Babar stories, and other characters, the numbers from 1 - 20 are illustrated.

Bulla, Clyde. DANIEL'S DUCK. (EB) (Primary Reader) Daniel brings the duck he carved to the Spring Fair and is broken-hearted when the villagers laugh at it until the best carver in Tennessee admires it.

Bunting, Eve. JANE MARTIN, DOG DETECTIVE. (EB) The twins are afraid it's going to be the worst birthday ever until their mom comes home with a robot that walks, talks, and takes commands.

Byars, Betsy. THE GOLLY SISTERS GO WEST. (NCEB) (Primary Reader) Six funny tales about the ever-fussing Golly sisters who set out in their covered wagon for the Western frontier.

Carle, Eric. HAVE YOU SEEN MY CAT? (EC) A little boy meets people from around the world and many members of the cat family as he searches for his cat.

Chalmers, Mary. THROW A KISS, HARRY. (EC) Harry the cat is rescued from the roof by the firemen.

Christian, Mary B. PENROD'S PARTY. (EC) (Primary Reader) Two good friends, Penrod Porcupine and Griswold Bear, share in adventures together.

Cleary, Beverly. GROWING-UP FEET. (EC) Twins Jimmy and Janet get new red boots and cannot wait until it rains so they can wear them.

Clifford, Eth . FLATFOOT FOX AND THE CASE OF THE MISSINGEYE. (JC) Detective Fox finds the cat's glass eye in a humorous, beginning-to-read mystery.

Cohen, Caron. THREE YELLOW DOGS. (EC) (Primary Reader) Describes with only five different words in the text, the adventures of five yellow dogs.

Crews, Donald. SCHOOL BUS. (EC) A simple book that shows buses picking up children in the morning to take them to school then returning them home in the afternoon.

Dabcovich, Linda. SLEEPY BEAR. (ED) In the fall a sleepy bear finds a cozy cave to hibernate in until spring.

Dubanevich. Arlene. PIG WILLIAM. (ED) Cartoon style pictures and text tell the story of William, who misses the bus for the school picnic, but wins in the end when the picnic is cancelled by rain.

Eastman, P. D. ARE YOU MY MOTHER? (EE) (Primary Reader) A little bird falls from his nest and goes in search of his mother.

Eastman, P. D. GO, DOG, GO! (EE) (Primary Reader) All kinds of funny dogs and what they do are presented.

Ehlert, Lois. FISH EYES: A BOOK YOU CAN COUNT ON. (EE) (Counting Book) Striking pictures grab the attention to teach basic counting skills.

Florian, Douglas. WINTER DAY. (EF) Three children and their parents enjoy a winter day.

Gackenbach, Dick. CLAUDE THE DOG: A CHRISTMAS PARTY. (EG) Claude gives his Christmas presents to the homeless Bummer because his best present, his young master, is at home.

Geisel, Theodor Seuss. THE CAT IN THE HAT. (EG) (Primary Reader) An unusual cat entertains two children with his tricks on a rainy day.

Geisel, Theodor Seuss. GREEN EGGS AND HAM. (EG) (Primary Reader) Sam-I-Am is determined to make his friends eat green eggs and ham but they all refuse.

Gibbons, Gail. TRUCKS. (EG) Types of trucks and the work they do is presented in an easy-to-read format.

Ginsburg, Mirra. THE SUN'S ASLEEP BEHIND THE HILL. (EG) A quiet story about how the sun, the breeze, the leaves, the bird, the squirrel and the child all grow tired at the end of the day and rest.

Hawkins, Colin. JEN THE HEN. (EH) Takes Jen, a hen, through a series of funny situations and gives a painless phonics lesson, too.

Hayes, Sarah. NINE DUCKS NINE. (EH) (Counting Book) A simple counting rhyme where nine ducks outsmart Mr. Fox as he watches them, ready to pounce.

Hazen, Barbara S. TIGHT TIMES. (EH) A little boy is unable to get the dog he wants when his dad loses his job. In spite of all the family problems, when he finds a starved kitten, his mother lets him keep the new pet.

Heilbroner, Joan. ROBERT THE ROSE HORSE. (EH) (Primary Reader) A humorous story about a horse who is allergic to roses and sneezes violently and destructively whenever he smells them.

Hoban, Tana. WHERE IS IT? (EH) A rabbit searches for his own Easter basket full of garden vegetables.

Hoff, Syd. BARKLEY. (EH) (Primary Reader) Feeling useless, Barkley runs away from the circus, but learns he is needed to teach the younger dogs tricks.

Hutchins, Pat. ROSIE'S WALK. (EH) Rosie leads the hungry fox into one disaster after another without even knowing it.

Isadora, Rachel. AT THE CROSSROADS. (EI) Children in a shanty town in South Africa joyously await their father's homecoming after being away working in the mines.

Johnston, Tony. LITTLE BEAR SLEEPING. (EJ) A little bear puts off bedtime until finally his mother rocks him to sleep.

Kessler, Leonard. KICK, PASS, AND RUN. (EK) (Primary Reader) The story about how some animals learn to play football. Includes lists of famous players, some cheers, and explanations of the game.

Kraus, Robert. WHOSE MOUSE ARE YOU? (EK) A lonely little mouse helps to bring his family back together and gets a new brother, too.

Levinson, Nancy. CLARA AND THE BOOKWAGON. (EL) (Primary Reader) Clara, a young girl who lives on a farm, longs to know about the world and to read books and finally gets the opportunity when a black wagon filled with books and driven by a persistent librarian comes by her house.

Lobel, Arnold. DAYS WITH FROG AND TOAD. (EL) (Primary Reader) Two good friends, Frog and Toad, spend most of their time together until Frog goes off by himself and has to explain solitude is important, too.

Lobel, Arnold. UNCLE ELEPHANT. (EL) (Primary Reader) Uncle Elephant takes care of his nephew whose parents are lost at sea until they are rescued.

Lopshire, Robert. PUT ME IN THE ZOO. (EL) (Primary Reader) A big spotted dog learns he belongs in the circus rather than the zoo.

Mack, Stanley. 10 BEARS IN MY BED: A GOODNIGHT COUNTDOWN. (EM) (Counting Book) The story based on the old counting song, "Roll Over."

McMillan, Bruce. TIME TO... (529M) The activities of a young child's day are shown with the hourly changes on a clock face and digital display.

McPhail, David . FIX IT. (EM) Emma learns that reading is fun when the television cannot be fixed.

Maestro, Betsy. HARRIET READS SIGNS AND MORE SIGNS. (EM) Harriet the elephant introduces readers to the meaning of various signs she sees on her way to her grandmother's house.

Maris, Ron. RUNAWAY RABBIT. (EM) A little rabbit discovers that his cage door has been left open and hops off to explore the farm.

Marshall, Edward. FOX AND HIS FRIENDS. (EM) (Primary Reader) Fox's plans for having fun are thwarted by having to baby-sit his little sister, Louise.

Marshall, Edward. THREE BY THE SEA. (EM) (Primary Reader) Lolly, Sam and Spider tell stories on the beach that manage to scare each other.

Martin, Bill. CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM. (EM) (Alphabet Book) An amusing tale about what happens when the entire alphabet tries to climb a coconut tree.

Marzollo, Jean. JED'S JUNIOR SPACE PATROL. (EM) (Primary Reader) A science fiction tale about life in a space ship, interplanetary travel, and robots.

Mueller, Virginia. HALLOWEEN MASK FOR MONSTER. (EM) A little monster tries to find the perfect Halloween mask.

Numeroff, Laura. IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE. (EN) Relates the numerous requests you are likely to get from the mouse if you give him a cookie.

Parish, Peggy. SCRUFFY. (EP) (Primary Reader) For his birthday Todd gets to pick a much desired kitten from the animal shelter.

Pomerantz, Charlotte. ONE DUCK, ANOTHER DUCK. (EP) (Counting Book) A simple counting book about a little owl who watches the ducks on the pond with his grandmother.

Rey, H. A. CURIOUS GEORGE RIDES A BIKE. (ER) A humorous story about an adventurous monkey who gets a job in a show.

Robart, Rose. THE CAKE THAT MACK ATE. (ER) A cumulative tale similar to "The House That Jack Built" tells of how a cake came about.

Rockwell, Anne. HONK HONK. (ER) (Primary Reader) A humorous tale of how Gray Goose is so bad that she makes Big Pig, Good Dog, Brown Cow and Billy Boy all chase after her.

Roop, Peter. KEEP THE LIGHTS BURNING, ABBIE. (JB Burgess AR) In the winter of 1856, a storm delays the lighthouse keeper's return to an island off the coast of Maine, and his daughter Abbie must keep the lights burning by herself.

Schwartz, Amy. ANNABELLE SWIFT, KINDERGARTNER. (ES) Annabelle is coached by her third grade sister on how to act in kindergarten, but finds some of the advice backfires.

Schwartz, David. HOW MUCH IS A MILLION? (J513.2S) Text and pictures try to make possible the conceptualization of a million, a billion, and a trillion.

Slobodkina, Esphyr. CAPS FOR SALE: A TALE OF A PEDDLER, SOME MONKEYS AND THEIR MONKEY BUSINESS. (ES) While the peddler is asleep the monkeys steal his caps.

Steele, Mary Q. CULLY CULLY AND THE BEAR. (ES) (Primary Reader) A funny story about Cully Cully who goes out into the forest to get a new bearskin and chases a big brown bear around a gigantic tree.

Stevenson, James. NATIONAL WORM DAY. (ES) Three funny stories about Herbie the worm, Amelia the snail and Rupert the rhinoceros.

Tafuri, Nancy. HAVE YOU SEEN MY DUCKLING? (ET) A worried mother duck searches the pond for her missing child.

Titherington, Jeanne. PUMPKIN, PUMPKIN. (ET) An introduction to botany. Jamie, a young boy, plants a seed, watches it sprout, grow into a plant, flower and produce a pumpkin that grows large enough to pick for a jack-o'-lantern.

Van Leeuwen, Jean. OLIVER PIG AT SCHOOL. (EV) (Primary Reader) The story of Oliver's first day at school. Other titles about Oliver and Amanda Pig are also good for beginning readers.

Vincent, Gabrielle. ERNEST AND CELESTINE'S PICNIC. (EV) Ernest, a portly bear, and Celestine a mouse-child have a wonderful outing even though it looked like the rain would ruin it.

Wiseman, Bernard. MORRIS AND BORIS. (EW) Know-it-all Boris gets frustrated trying to teach his fun-loving friend Morris how to ask riddles, repeat tongue-twisters and play hide-and-seek.

Wolff, Ashley. A YEAR OF BEASTS. (EW) Each month of the year is illustrated with seasonal changes as they affect the activities of Ellie, Peter and the many animals seen around the family farm.

Wood, Audrey. KING BIDGOOD'S IN THE BATHTUB. (EW) King Bidgood refuses to get out of the bathtub and causes turmoil in the palace.

Yolen, Jane . MICE ON ICE. (EY) (Primary Reader) The star of the Mice Capades is rescued from the Rat King by the famous inventor of the magic ice-making formula.

Zemach, Harve. MOMMY, BUY ME A CHINA DOLL. (EZ) A picture book version of the cumulative folk song about a little girl who asks for a doll.

Ziefert, Harriet. STRIKE FOUR! (EZ) (Primary Reader) A humorous tale about a little girl who is told not to play ball in the house.